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Specialized Boarding for Pampered Dogs and Cats!

For over 40 years Foothill Boarding & Grooming has been providing service to our communitiy. Our customers have been returning to us again and again for their grooming needs and recommending us to their family and friends.

Here's what they have to say!

"We have boarded our dog at Foothill Boarding Kennel for several years. After moving to the area, we tried various facilities but often felt that something was lacking in staff, procedures, or care of our dog. After visiting Foothill we felt that this facility was the type we were looking for. It is run as a business, with professionalsim showing in staff, procedures, facility upkeep, and care of our dog."

Dave L.

Biggs, Ca.

"I have three dogs, Shasta, Jessie, and Cleo. I have been bringing my dogs to Foothill for well over a decade. Joy and her staff are very friendly, conscientious, and knowledgeable in boarding and grooming dogs. The kennels are always clean. Their medications are given as per requested. I trust that if one of the animals becomes seriously ill, they will get in touch with me or the person I have requested them to call in an emergency. Indeed, this has happened a couple of times with my older dogs, Jessie and Shasta. And, one of them calls in a day or two to check on the sick animal. I live in the foothills above Chico and it takes me one full hour to get to the kennel in Oroville, and I am glad to take them, as I trust Joy and her staff. Thanks for being so caring!!"

Sharon R.

Chico, Ca.

"We took our Chihuahua family to Foothill years ago, at the last minute we had to add a rescue Chi that we got, not a problem, they took on the extra dog without a problem, I would not leave my 'family' with just anybody, they gave us a great rate and we knew our dogs were in good hands."

Nancy M.

"I have used Foothill Boarding and Kennel for the last 3 years. They truly feel like family. I can trust my dogs to them completely. I live in Chico and the drive is well worth it! After a family emergency in which we had to drop the dogs off quickly, they responded so kindly. They called the next day just to let us know they were thinking about us and that really says a lot about how they treat people as well as the animals they board."

Cheri L.

Chico, Ca.

"I've known the owner for over 40 years and she's always exceeded expectations. Numerous breeds of dogs I've taken to her for grooming on behalf of my (deceased) mother, and now that I've got a new dog of my own (an American Eskimo) who else would I, or could I, trust for the best of care? Extremely honest and open, she really cares for the pets that are entrusted to her care."

David R.

"We cannot speak highly enough regarding the complete care that Foothill Boarding and Grooming gives our German Shorthair Pointer, Gracie. Our experience always begins at the front desk with Karen. Our resistration card is checked and kept current. We are reassured and confident that Gracie's temporary home away from home will keep her happy and healthy until we return. Owner's Joy and Ken hire only the best of staff. The grounds and kennels are tidy, clean and well equipped. If there is ever a concern in regard to any Canine or Feline "guest", you can rest assure that knowledge and staff experience will remedy the situation. We travel 25 miles from our home to kennel Gracie with Joy and Ken. They are the BEST! Gracie does a "jig" as we make the turn onto Foothill Blvd."

Bill and Linda Meseke Paradise, Ca.

"At the vet our cat has to be dragged out of his carrier. When he comes to Foothill Boarding he calmly unloads himself right into his clean comfortable accommodations. When it's time to pick him up we know he will have been well cared for, including frequent grooming that he loves. Every member of the staff seems to be genuinely interested in their boarders, and our cat obviously gets lots of attention while he's there."

R. Buehler
Oroville, Ca.

"Foothill Grooming and Joy and Ken Arnold have provided our family with forty years of care for our dogs and cats. Their facility is meticulosuly clean and the staff is friendly and genuinely accommodating. The consistency of quality care is a testament to the commitment by the owners and staff to the public and to the animals they serve. We highly recommend Foothill Grooming."

Richard and Jan Hill
Oroville, Ca.

"Foothill Boarding and Grooming provides my husband and myself great relief when we travel and need a place for our two labs to stay. Foothill Boarding and Grooming takes care to ask about the dogs behavior, routines, and food needs. Foothill Boarding and Grooming is a clean facility with "creature" comforts and a friendly, caring staff."

Lynne Furr
Oroville, Ca.

"We have had the pleasure of being clients of Foothill Boarding and Grooming for over 9 years. We first boarded our yellow lab Rusty, many times and were very pleased with the friendly, clean atmosphere that Foothill provided. Rusty passed away and we then got our present dog Dozer and still are enjoying the wonderful service that Foothill provides. It is the most caring and wonderful "Doggy Hotel". The people Joy hires are knowledgeable and caring people. Joy has put in many upgrades at the Kennel and all are outstanding. Dozer truly enjoys every stay. It is important to us that when we travel, we have no worries about Dozer's wellbeing. Thank you Joy and your staff for caring so much for the welfare of the animals in your care. We will continue to use Foothill for our boarding needs."

Bill, Sharon and
Dozer Simonton
Paradise, Ca.

"The folks at Foothill Boarding are the best, especially Karen. Charley, our 20 pound black and white cat thinks he's going to a resort every time we're gone."

Brent and Cathey Dostert
Oroville, Ca.

"We have been a customer with Foothill Boarding and Grooming for approximately the last 8 years. The staff is very courteous and well versed in all the proper procedures the kennel has in place.

We have a "very" long-haired cat who adopted our family in September 2003. While we live in Gridley, we have always traveled to Oroville to board our cat during various vacations we have taken throughout the years. We have always been treated with respect for our cat and respect to us as owners.

I believe that the biggest reason we have always trusted our cat to Foothill is the fact that the cage he is housed in during our absence is very large, with multiple levels, and is EXCEPTIONALLY maintained to the cleanest standards. While our cat does not particularly "enjoy" going to the kennel, the staff has become very acquainted with his personality. They know what particular aspects "for our cat" need to be attended to with his stay and always comment on his "behavior" when we return. His eating habits are watched and his weight is closely watched for his safety. They maintain a very comprehensive history card on him and can refer to all previous information during our absence.

As long as our cat and our vacations continue... Foothill Boarding will be the THE ONLY PLACE I will leave him."

Marilyn and Gerald Long
Gridley, Ca.

"It was a fortunate day for us when we located your facility. We've been with you for many years now. Prior to that we had tried boarding our pets with several veterinarians, and an occasional individual.

Your facility not only looked superior to any other that we had experienced, but it was in truth far better in the comfort and attention offered for our "family" of two dogs and three cats. The Staff is always alert to their needs, polite, and very helpful in meeting what we see as a necessary style of feeding.

When making trips in Northern California and Oregon we take our dogs with us due to the increase in Pet Friendly Inns. For longer, out of State, trips they stay with you .

The cats always find a "home away from home" with you and when we pick them up they are quite calm. That is unlike what we experienced at other facilities where cats and dogs were housed side by side in marginal facilities, and the constant barking of dogs would leave our cats traumatized. Not so, with FOOTHILL, and we are grateful to you for your insight in dealing with animals."

Ron and Anita Anderson
Willows, Ca.

"Hey Joy and Karen ....

I want you to know how very pleased I am with Lucy's grooming. VERY PLEASED!!

Yesterday was our first visit to Foothill Boarding and Grooming and Lucy was just "lovely" - perfect, in fact. Lucy is fussy about her personal hygiene - a bit touchy, but she came out of the experience with a new attitude.

I really appreciate the sincere and caring and expert services you provide to our furry family members.

We'll be back.

Thank you."

Mary McConville
and .....Lucy


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